Monday, February 28, 2011

Doigts de Poulet

You see them in the frozen section of your local grocery and of course the kids love them.  They are easy and quick to make and they are loaded with all kinds of things that you or your kids don't need.  Frozen chicken fillets or more commonly known as "chicken fingers".  Another shared attribute - they all have the same fairly bland taste.

So, here you see what I like to do instead.  I get some lovely boneless, skinless chicken breast.  I cut them into strips, dip them into a mix of egg and milk then into some seasoned bread crumbs - repeat the process.  This way you get a good crispy coating.  You can season the breadcrumbs any way you want of course.  This time I added some chili powder and other ground red pepper - a few red pepper flakes to boot.  Preheat the oven to 450 degrees and bake them for 13 to 15 minutes so they reach a temperature of 170 degrees.  I always check the temperature of the thickest piece with a meat thermometer to be sure.

Once they are done, they will be delicious as they are or you can toss them in a sauce.  We love buffalo sauce so that's what we do most of the time.  These take little effort and the end result will please your guests and family.

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